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sept is healthy aging month

Healthy Aging® Food is a new online magazine showcasing the best of cooking for those who want to age healthfully and enjoy good food.

Too often, when we think of "healthy cooking", we think that every meal must be bland and flavorless. Healthy Aging® Food seeks to inspire, educate, and motivate today's cook with exciting recipes that are not only pleasing to the palate and the eye, but easy enough to be prepared by mere mortals. The recipes are the creations of some of the nation's leading innovative, cutting-edge professional and personal chefs, restaurants, spas, cookbook authors, and more.


Ccalifornia avocado summer saladalifornia Harvest Summer Salad







Pomegranate Juice...healthy and a new ingredient to try

Thealthy aging Lemon Bleu Tomatoesake the stress out of the entertaining. Choose simple recipes to make, serve or share. Lemon Bleu Stuffed Tomatoes are starters




Give Your Home the Feel of a Bed & Breakfast with Stonewall Inn Pumpkin Brownies... or just pay them a vist and don't cook!

To learn more about Healthy Aging®, be it physical, social, mental or financial fitness, visit www.healthyaging.net

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities with Healthy Aging Food, September is Healthy Aging® Month or the new, upcoming, Healthy Aging® Food brochure, click here

picnic basketCooking and eating are among life's greatest pleasures. Cooking for people is one of the ways to maintain a positive attitude and add meaning to life!

Social and mental wellness are just as important as diet and physical fitness -- and www.HealthyAgingFood.com is here to inspire you!

Watch for our new website, coming soon, Farm to Table Food, www.farmtotablefood.com





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